Using CamStudio with Divx encoder

If you would like to create a Divx screen capture with CanStudio, you may have googled "divx" and "Camstudio" only to be told that "CamStudio supports encoding with DivX only at certain image dimensions. Examples are 320 X 240". from the offical website: Below I am going to show you how to get started with recording Divx screen captures with Camstudio. Consider below as a quick start guide. Technically, there are many other options, but this is outside the scope of this artical.

You may be getting one of these errors:
- "Error creating AVI file"
- "Error recording AVI file using current compressor. Use default compressor ?"

Steps before you start:
- Download and install the Divx Codec.
First, download and install  or you can just download and install the codec pack here: or you can install the whole divx suite if you so desire.

- Configure CamStudio.
First, configure CamStudio to use the Divx codec. You can configure this in: "Options">"Video Options".
- For the Compressor, set this to your Divx Codec.
- in the "Time Lapse" tri-section, check the "Auto Adjust" checkbox.
- Then adjust the "Set Key Frames Every" text box is set to "25" Frames.
- The window, once configured correctly should look like this:
Next, click the Configure button in the top right.

- Select the "Certification Profile"  to "720HD".
- The window should appear as below:

- "Ok" out of the two open windows.
Next, Set the resolution:
- In the "Region">"Fixed Region" options.
- Configure as shown:

Record in  HD1080p with CamStudio using the following settings:

Note you need a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 to be able to do this!

If you don't understand the settings below go through the settings above first!

Set Key Frames Every: 60 Frames
Capture Frames Every 40 milliseconds
Playback Rate 25 frames/second

Options > Video Options > Configure:
Set Certification Profile to 1080HD.

Region > Fixed Region:
Width: 1920
Height 1080