- Facebook has more than 400 Million Users.

- The global population spends over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

- 500 Billion minutes = 347,222,222 days

- About 30% of the Facebook population live in the United States. (120 Million people)

- If every American user spent an average amount of time on Facebook this would be: 240 hours per user per year.

- If each average American person weighing 190.9lb walked during this time (at 3.5mph) they would burn 83160 calories/year, which is 23.76 pounds.

- If this time was spent walking the average American would no longer be overweight in less than one year.

- If you were to live in the USA, your life expectancy would be 28 529 days.

- If Facebook did not exist, 146,050 entire lives could be lived every year

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All Accessed: 27/04/2009