MD5 hash of an image - how to get an MD5 hash of an image using java in a few quick steps.

Convert text to an Image - A Sample application that converts an e-Mail to an image, but could be sued in any number of ways to convert text to an image. It actually prints the text onto an image and then saves it to a file in Java.

Glassfish ESB Projects and Examples - Some Glassfish Project Samples and demos located around the web.

Clipboard Tool (fasterpaste) - This is a Java Based clipboard tool that writes text to a clipboard.

RegEx Tester - This is my simple RegEx tester for Java. great for quickly testing a regex. Packaged as a JAR.

Java Gradients with GradientPaint and Graphics2D - This is a simple tutorial on Java Gradients

Hacking a jar file for debugging - Simple guide to messing with a jar file.

Which4j download Jar - a compiled Whicih4J Binary